Sunday, 22 July 2012

Noel, Hants County
45 N 17.246 63 W 44.237
20T E 0442182 N5015146

 (photo: Tammy Elliot 2015)
RIVER: Noel River
CLASS: steep cascade
SIZE: 15'
RATING: excellent (***)

TRAIL: woods path
HIKING TIME: 10 minutes
CONDITIONS: moderate

Geocache: none

NS Atlas Page: 38/X5
NS topo map: 11E05 (Bass River)

Driving Directions: from Stewiacke, travel south on HWY102 5.9km to Exit10. Drive north on HWY215 48km to Noel. Turn left onto Lake Road and drive approximately 1km, parking off the right side of the road at a distinct clearing.

(photo Tammy Elliot 2015)

Trail Description: Follow the trail at the end of the clearing to the old mill building, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING. Follow the trail down the slope on the right hand side of the old mill to the river below. The falls are immediately on the upstream side.

The old mill dominates the view, towering over the falls, and much remains of the operation can be seen on the banks of the river. The old mill building is not safe to enter and there are signs posted warning visitors to keep out. Please obey these. These lands were originally granted to William Read and Chas Morris, later alienated to Timothy O'Brien.

(photo Tammy Elliot 2015)

The village of Noel was named for Noel Doiron (1684-1758). He was one of the 360 Acadians who perished on December 13, 1758 in the sinking of the Duke William in the North Atlantic. The Duke William was transporting Acadian prisoners from  Ile St Jean (Prince Edward Island) to France. 

The Federation des Associations de Familles Acadiennnes of New Brunswick and the Société Saint-Thomas d'Aquin of Prince Edward Island has resolved that December 13 each year shall be commemorated as "Acadian Remembrance Day" to commemorate the sinking of the Duke William and the nearly 2,000 Acadians deported from Ile-Saint-Jean who perished in the North Atlantic from hunger, disease and drowning. The event has been commemorated annually since 2004 and participants mark the event by wearing a black star. (from Wikipedia)

(photo Tammy Elliot 2015)